If you want to get in shape pre-pregnancy, postpartum, or anything in between then Tammy is the right personal trainer for you. I gave birth to my second child in February 2011, and with Tammy's fabulous training ability, I was able to put on minimal weight gain during the pregnancy and I was able to lose the extra pounds within 8 weeks postpartum. 

Tammy trained me in Pilates throughout the 9 months of my pregnancy and she modified some of the Pilates moves as my pregnancy progressed. She is very knowledgeable regarding diastasis recti (abdominal separation that can occur during the latter part of pregnancy) which is why it was imperative that I modify certain exercises as well as certain everyday movements. With Tammy's expertise, I managed to keep my abdominals intact throughout the entire pregnancy. Tammy periodically checked my abdominal wall to make sure I did not suffer from diathesis recti. However, had she discovered abdominal separation, she knew the excercises necessary to minimize any further abdominal separation as well as postpartum strengthening exercises to rehabilitate the abdominal muscles. Postpartum,Tammy provided me with a low-impact workout regimen to help strengthen my core until I was able to commence my Pilates routine. Tammy always focuses on full body strength training and is very cognizant of modification exercises needed for those who may have sustained prior injuries. 

In sum, Tammy is incredibly knowledgable about health and fitness and is a great motivator. I recommend working with her if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals. 

Erica. Pilates client of 3 years

I was lucky to find Tammy after the birth of my son.  I had been battling to get back into shape and Tammy very quickly took me back to my pre-pregnancy body, and then beyond it to a level of fitness I had never before achieved.  Tammy also has a strong background in pre/peri/postnatal fitness, which is invaluable and not something many personal trainers offer.  Fitness seems to have been a huge part of most of her adult life and I have been lucky enough to benefit from her passion and expertise.

Her positive and encouraging attitude are one of my favorite things about her.  She's very good at listening and then targeting our work together to address my desires or goals.  Additionally, she is well educated on the human body and it's limitations.  I had sustained an injury - unrelated to my workouts - and Tammy was able to work around that and I continued my full body exercises while healing.

Another big component of working out with Tammy is that my workouts are always varied.  It keeps me interested and motivated.  Prior to meeting Tammy, I would have described myself as someone who has always struggled to maintain a routine with fitness.  I would fall on and off "the wagon" of working out and felt a little aimless in my exercise.  I wasn't sure what was getting results or what wasn't.  Tammy has truly enabled me to allow fitness and overall health to really become something very natural and enjoyable in my daily life.  I'm stronger and more full or energy now than I can ever remember being.  I'm passionate about my fitness activities and look forward to them.

She's really very inspirational in terms of both her own personal level of fitness and the attitude that she takes towards her life and all of her roles.  I feel very lucky to have her and would recommend her to anyone.  

Kendall, Personal Training client for 2 years

 Just a little note to THANK YOU for the time you have spent with me, working on getting my body back in shape.

I'm assured every time I walk in your door, that you will see to it that I meet all challenges.
That which I know, I would not do on my own.
I appreciate your dedication to incorporating new workouts, every session.
It truly helps to keep me motivated.
I have never been so enthused about getting in shape and I honestly owe that gratitude to YOU!
It's extremely obvious that you LOVE what you do.
My most memorable night with you.....is the one that went like this........
While being content on watching myself in the mirror, TRYING to perform a move on the TRX,
that I might add, you make look like a stroll in the park.......
I said " Tammy, how come I don't look like you do, when I'm doing this?"
You said, as serious as you could be..."cause you don't have my body."
I said..." touché"
That was a lightbulb moment where, while we both laughed, I realized, I was in the right hands.
Nonetheless....YOU INSPIRE ME!!!!!!!

I'm in your healthy hands.

Simple words say it all...."Tammy is my Fountain of Youth" - Michelle, client for 2 years

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