Tammy Yalch
Certified Personal Trainer


I am a NASM and AFAA certified Personal Trainer with over 13 years of experience, and a certified Nutrition Consultant with AFPA (American Fitness Professionals of America) and with Precision Nutrition.  Over the years I have helped numerous people get healthy and fit and to lead the most productive life that they can.  I started training in a gym, but after a few years, opened my own private training studio.  I have been a certified Pilates instructor (Physical Mind Institute) for over 10 years and have not only seen visible results in my clients, but in myself as well.  Shortly after giving birth to my first son (with 2 more to follow), I became certified with Healthy Moms Pre/Postnatal Fitness and have worked alongside them for almost 10 years.  In addition to training out of my studio, I also teach group Pilates classes and operate an outdoor Boot Camp.

I have been able to have the best of both worlds: being an at-home mom while homeschooling my boys, and still manage to have a career.  The fitness industry has become, and will always be, a passion of mine. 

With my experience, I have been able to encourage women, and men, alike to take care of themselves and to remember that if you don't have your health, you really can't do much!  The combination of my knowledge of fitness and nutrition has led to the success of many of my clients.  But I am also aware that I can only provide the tools of knowledge and motivation, the client has to provide the dedication, discipline and hard work (and yes, a little sweat).  But I am there to wipe their brow and to make every workout fun and exciting, with the hopes that you walk out the door feeling better than when you came in.

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