MON-WED-FRI 5:15 AM in Brier Creek
TUES - THURS 9:30 AM and 7 pm at
Creedmoor Road Baptist Chursh
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What exactly is Body Mechanics all about?

It's all about getting the most out of every movement. Gone are the days where you sit in a machine and work as a pulley moves the weight up and down. Not to say that there isn't a place for this kind of training, but my philosophy is a little bit different. We spend our day moving our bodies while standing, sitting, leaning, balancing on one leg even, so that is how our body needs to function and how it needs to be trained. My training program focuses on functional training - meaning your body is trained how it is used every day - with lots of focus on the core and all of your muscles working together as a unit.

Through my strength training program you will be able to achieve the goals you set for yourself. I will sit down with you, see where you are right now and find out where you want to be, and the best plan to help you get there. Whether your goals are to lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle, tone, strengthen your core, or just improve your overall health, I can help you. My goal is to help you in whatever way possible. I will pull from my own training background in resistance training, Pilates, core conditioning, and various sports to provide you with the tools you will need. We will use various training methods and fitness tools that suit your goals and preferences.

Let's face it, most trainers just watch you exercise and put you, and all their other clients, through the same routine. I make it a point to plan each one of your training sessions that is personal fit for you and for your goals. Each workout will be different and challenging and I will continually put you through new and exciting exercises so that the risk of being bored in obsolete. Fitness can, and should be FUN!!! If it's not fun, you won't want to do it. But along the way, you need to make sure you are doing an exercise right. So I will make sure that every move you do is in proper form to maximize results and minimize injury. I will encourage you to push yourself to your potential and inspire you to do your best. Your body is capable of more than your mind thinks it can do.

My main goal during the time we spend together is to make sure you walk out the door better than you walked in - physically and mentally. I will provide you with all the necessary tools so that all aspects of fitness are working together. I will help you set goals and reach them. I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition.

I operate a private personal training studio so that my training truly is one-on-one. There is never any time spent waiting on a machine, piece of equipment or the right dumbbell. I can continually keep you moving so that your heart rate stays where it needs to be and allow for your metabolism and caloric burn to be at the maximum.

I will help you:
  • Assess your physical condition and track changes
  • Set goals
  • Figure out a "game plan"
  • Assess your current eating habits
  • Guide you in ways to improve your nutrition
  • Learn proper strength training technique
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase your flexibility and core strength
  • Keep motivated
  • Feel better
  • Improve your health
  • Gain muscle and lose fat
  • Tone your muscles

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